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Richard C. Aquadro Engineering Scholarship

Prequalify for a Northampton Cooperative Bank mortgage.

Looking for a new home? Prequalifying for a Northampton Cooperative Bank mortgage is a smart way to start, by finding out exactly how much home you can afford. Plus, it’s free.

Prequalification is a license to look for a home.

When you prequalify for a mortgage here, we’ll provide you a qualified buyer’s certificate, stating the amount you’ve prequalified for. This tells sellers that you are serious – and ready to buy. Since we already know you, it will also speed the process, once you find a home. You’ll appreciate our affordable mortgage rates. As a bonus, we’ll provide you a $100 credit toward your closing costs here.

It’s easy to prequalify for a local mortgage with us.

Simply complete the Prequalification form - sign it, and send it to us by -

Northampton Cooperative Bank
Loan Department
PO Box 150
Northampton, MA 01061-0150


Or bring it in to any of our convenient locations in Northampton, Florence or Amherst.


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