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A certificate of deposit is a secure way to save.

Northampton Cooperative Bank Certificates of Deposit (CDs) offer a guaranteed return on your investment without risk. You lock in a high yield from the day you open the account until the date it matures.

Northampton Cooperative Bank CDs are insured.

Northampton Cooperative Bank CDs are backed in full – by Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) insurance up to $250,000 per individual, and amounts in excess of that by SIF, the Co-operative Central Bank Share Insurance Fund.

How much can you earn?

We offer CDs with a range of maturities to allow you to choose the investment vehicle that makes the most sense for you. Longer maturities typically pay higher rates. If you become a Coop Gold customer, you’ll receive preferred rates. Take a look at our certificate rates or stop in to any of our locations to find out more.

Short-term CDs. With terms as brief as 90 days, Northampton Cooperative Bank short-term certificates allow you access to your investment soon.

Medium-term CDs. If your investment timeline is a little longer, Northampton Cooperative Bank 6 to 18-month certificates offer you higher yields.

Long-term CDs. If you are able to invest over a longer period, our certificates with maturities of 2 to 5 years will reward you with the highest possible yields.

Flex CD. This unique certificate offers strength and flexibility. Open a 6-month Flex CD with $1,000. Add to it with deposits of $250.00 or more any day you choose. You can even withdraw amounts of $500 or more seven days from your last transaction.

Please see our Truth in Savings Disclosure for additional information. You can stop by any of our convenient locations in Northampton, Amherst or Florence and ask for one. Or call our customer service representatives at 413-584-4474 to find out more about certificates of deposit.