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ATM / Debit Card Safeguards

A Northampton Cooperative Bank ATM/Debit Card offers you access to your money 24/7. Technology offers convenience, but it doesn't replace common sense. The following habits can help you and your money stay safe while you're using your Northampton Cooperative Bank ATM/Debit Card.

PIN (personal identification number) Safety

ATM and Debit Card Safety

Debit Card Restrictions

The security of your accounts is and always has been a top priority for Northampton Cooperative Bank. Due to the increase in debit card fraud, we have blocked ATM and debit card access from the following areas:

In addition, certain debit card transactions may not be approved within the United States, with the exception of Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Vermont.

Always let us know when you are traveling and your destination(s) so that your debit card transactions may be approved. This will help us monitor your account for suspicious and/or fraudulent activity.

We may change these restrictions at any time so please contact us prior to traveling.

ATM Safety

Drive-up ATM Safety